How to Buy a Foreclosure in Scottsdale Arizona

Buying a foreclosure is different than a normal home purchase. You need to have a Realtor working for you who is experienced with the foreclosure process and negotiating with the asset managers at the banks. As a Former Attorney, Carmen Brodeur fully understands the intricacies of the foreclosure purchase process and negotiations. Approximately 80% of our business during the past 2 years has been representing Buyers who are purchased foreclosures. We have done dozens of foreclosure deals and are one of the most experienced Scottsdale real estate teams. Put our experience to work for you to get the best deal.

The foreclosure market is certainly a hot place to look for unbelievable deals on property… but not everyone is prepared for the realities of buying one of these homes. It is important to have your facts straight and your expectations in check when looking at Foreclosures in Troon. There are plenty of people hoping to take advantage of these rare market conditions, and the more informed you are as a buyer the more likely you are to become a happy owner of one of these properties.

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Below is some information I like to review with my clients before embarking on this rewarding adventure. It’s not the “cement in your drain pipe” stories you should be worried about, which is far less common than you hear, it’s the more mundane details that cause the big hiccups.

“As is” Property

Most foreclosure properties require some work prior to moving in. Generally speaking, you should expect to replace any carpet and re-paint the interior. A full inspection prior to purchase is essential to forecasting any additional expenses the property may require. We work with an excellent inspection company that will help guide you through this important step.

The Offer Process

It is best to pick a top 3-5 properties that meet your needs when looking at foreclosure or bank owned homes. Recent market trends indicate that banks are listing properties well below market value. As a result, foreclosures are selling for 97.5% of list price on average. Competing offers may cause you to bid the home above list price, but keep in mind this will still be an excellent value. It is better to bid a few thousand over list price and walk away with a home 55% off previous price than leave empty handed. Our expertise will assure your best interests are represented during this process.

Once the paperwork for the purchase offer has been completed, we wait for a response from the bank. This normally takes 3-4 business days.

If the bank accepts the offer, they will send out their addenda to be signed by the buyer. This addenda dictates the conditions and terms of the transaction. Once this is signed by the buyer, it goes back to the seller for signatures. A purchase offer and the bank addenda signed by both buyer and seller, allows us to open escrow.

At this point, we have an executed contract and the transaction proceeds like a regular purchase.

As a former real estate Attorney, I love to help clients purchase Lender Owned Homes. Put my experience to work for you. Visit for all available Desert Mountain Arizona Real Estate or feel free to contact me with any questions at (800) 300-0263.

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